Dikanka / Диканька

— Do you know where Dikanka is located? I’ve read about it in one of Gogol’s works.

— It is located in Poltava region, as well as Sorochintsy. These are famous Gogol places. A lot of famous Russian writers and poets visited Ukraine.

— And Pushkin? I heard he loved Odessa.

— Yes, some of the houses and trees still remember him walking along the streets of the city

— And whose house did you visit last year in Yalta?

— It is the late house of Chekhov, where he lived and wrote his late works. Have you ever been there?

— No, but I saw the house, where T. Shevchenko was born. It is located near Kanev. There is also a monument to him in this town.

— How interesting! I will definitely visit it this year.

— Nice idea! We will do it together!