Popular English Theatres / Популярные английские Театры

— Good morning, Sir! May I ask you a question?

— Of course!

— I came to London for two days and would like to visit one of its most famous theatres.

— Oh, there are very many of them. I think you may visit the National Theatre. It is one of the best.

— Is it in the South Bank Arts centre?

— Yes, it is. I advise you the Royal Court Theatre. It performs modern plays and is one of my favourite theatres. There is also the National Youth Theatre. Its members are all young people. You will surely like the plays staged there.

— I am sure there are many other theatres in London. Everyone may find something to their own taste.

— There are 48 theatres in the West End and about 10 in the suburbs! It makes London be one of theatrical cities of the world. I am sure, you will not forget your visit to a British theatre.

— Thank you for the information!

— Have a nice stay in London!