Watching the BBC / Смотреть ББС

— Hello, Vadim! I am glad to see you again in my house.

— I am also glad to be again in London.

— Would you like to have a cup of tea?

— Oh, thank you!

— I am watching TV now. BBC I is my favourite channel.

— I know, it often gives interesting and reliable information about the latest events in the world.

— Yes, besides, it has no advertising. I think advertising often spoils a programme.

— I agree with you. Do you never watch other channels because of advertising?

— Well, the ITV also has many interesting programmes. I like their interview with outstanding personalities. I always have a lot of fun, when I watch my favourite programmes.

— I also like British TV. Now I understand why you spend so much time watching TV.

— It is really a popular hobby in Britain.

— Well, that’s my hobby as well! Let’s watch BBC I!