A Phone Call from Center Parcs’ Sherwood Forest Resort / Телефонный звонок

Kerry: Hello, Angie. This is Kerry.

Angie: Oh, hi! Where are you phoning from?

Kerry: We are in Sherwood Forest resort. It’s fantastic. What are you doing?

Angie: I am at the library, but I’m not studying at the moment. I’m having lunch in the cafe. Are you enjoying your holiday?

Kerry: Yes, I am. Right now I’m sitting in the sun, relaxing in the pool in the resort. Center Pares is brilliant.

Angie: Lucky you! What’s the weather like?

Kerry: Great! It’s very sunny and hot. What is it like at home?

Angie: Oh, it’s raining — as usual. What’s Rob doing? I know he hates the sun!

Kerry: I’m not sure. He isn’t sunbathing! I think he is writing postcards in our resort room.

Angie: So you are having a good time!

Kerry: Yes, really great time! Oh, Rob is calling me. See you next week. Bye!

Angie: Bye! Say hello to Rob!