Easter / Пасха

— Hello, Tanya! Do you celebrate Easter?

— Yes, it is one of my favourite holidays.

— What does it mean for you?

— For me as for many other people it is the time to think about what I have to do to improve myself. And, of course, it is the day of hope for the better future.

— I know that people spend the night before the holiday in church. Is it important?

— Well, it is a tradition. My granny always goes to church; she prays for the whole family and listens to the service.

— Does she take an Easter basket with her?

— Yes, there are Easter eggs and an Easter cake there. Many people also take sugar, salt and ham. The priest blesses all that.

— What does she do in the morning?

— She comes home for breakfast. We lay the table, eat the Easter eggs and the Easter cake and wish each other good health.

— Do Easter eggs symbolize anything?

— They symbolize life. People believe, they can protect them and their houses during the year.

— Thank you for this interesting information. I have learned a lot about this holiday.

— My pleasure!