A report on History / Доклад по истории

Judy: Granny, I have to make a report for our tomorrow History class. I have found a lot of information about Winston Churchill, but there is nothing about him as a child and a family of his own

Grandma: Judy, this is a brilliant idea to let other people know about our famous Winston Churchill. Let me have a look at some pages in my favourite book The Famous British.

Judy: Please, do Grandma.

Grandma: Oh, here it is. Write down the facts from his childhood.

Judy: Yes, I’m writing.

Grandma: Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace, near Woodstock in Oxfordshire on November the 30th, 1874.

Judy: When did he die?

Grandma: He died in January. To be exact, January the 24th, 1965, in London. A state funeral service was held at St. Paul’s Cathedral. This was the first state funeral for a commoner.

Judy: All right. That’s enough. What does your book say about his childhood?

Grandma: It is said here that Winston’s father was Lord Randolph Churchill and his mother was Lady Randolph Churchill, a daughter of American millionaire Leonard Jerome. Churchill spent much of his childhood at boarding schools. His mother rarely visited him.

Judy: Thanks that will do. Is there anything about Churchill’s own family?

Grandma: Let me find the page. Oh, it’s here. On September 2, 1908, Churchill married Clementine Hozier. She was a dazzling beauty. They met once at a dinner party in March.

Judy: Did they have children?

Grandma: Yes, my dear. They had five: Diana, Randolph, Sarah, Marigold and Mary. The latter wrote a book on her parents.

Judy: This is interesting. Thank you, Granny for helping me. Now my report is complete. I can hand it in tomorrow.

Grandma: My pleasure, Judy. I am always there to help.