An Online Exam at the Open University / Онлайн экзамен в открытом университете

Victor: Hi, Maria! Have you finished your exam?

Maria: Yes, I have

Victor: Was it difficult?

Maria: Well, it was quite hard.

Victor: Did you pass?

Maria: I don’t know… my professor didn’t send me the exam record.

Victor: What questions did your professor ask you?

Maria: First, Mrs. Jenkins asked me what my name was.

Victor: That was easy, wasn’t it?

Maria: Then she asked me where I came from, and how long I’d been studying at school.

Victor: And what else did she ask?

Maria: She asked me to write when I had begun studying English, and she asked how I would use English in future.

Victor: Anything else?

Maria: Oh, there were a lot of other questions. Professor Jenkins asked me what my hobbies were and she asked me to write about them. Then, she sent me a picture and asked me to describe it. And later, I was asked to write a short composition on the online methods of teaching and learning.

Victor: How long was your exam?

Maria: It took me 1,5 hour to do all the tasks. I really hope to get the exam results soon.

Victor: Good luck to you!

Maria: Thank you! Have a good day!

Victor: You, too.