Writing a Report on Press in Ukraine / Написание отчета для печати

— Hello, Masha!

— Hello, Dima! What are you doing in the library?

— I have to write a report on press in Ukraine.

— I what are you going to start with?

— Well. I think, I have to start with the history of the mass media in Ukraine. But I have not found any facts about the beginning of the Ukrainian press. You are a prospective teacher of history. Do you know anything?

— Yes, the beginning of the Ukrainian press is connected with my native town, Kharkov. The first newspaper in Ukraine is considered to be the "Kharkov Weekly". It appeared in 1812.

— How interesting! I did not know that!

— Are you going to give information about modern newspapers and magazines?

— Yes, but I am at a loss. There are so many newspapers and magazines thai it is difficult to analyze all of them.

— Well, I think you could choose several periodicals you like and tell the audience, what for you like them.

— Thank you for your advice.

— I wish you good luck with the report.