Queen Elizabeth II

Since 1066 there have been forty monarchs in England, thirty-five kings, five queens and seven dynasties. Only fourteen monarchs have stayed on the throne for more than twenty-five years, one of them is Queen Elizabeth II.

Every royal house or ‘dynasty’ has a surname. In Britain’s case that name is Windsor Queen Elizabeth II is the fourth Windsor monarch. She is also the head of a very large family. She has three sons, one daughter, and many grandsons and granddaughters.

The most famous British royal home is Buckingham Palace. But it is not the only one. The Queen and her family have several other castles, official residences and country houses too. Today Buckingham Palace is the best known palace in the world. It stands at the end of a long boulevard called The Mall and it has 600 rooms on three floors, 400 staff, and 300 clocks.

After Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s next monarch will probably be Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. He will be King Charles III. Even further in the future his son, Prince William, will become king too. His title will be King William V. The National Anthem is called ‘God save the Queen’. But if Prince Charles becomes King, it will be ‘God save the King’.

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