A typical American / Типичный американец

Few of us like to be told we are average. Americans are no exception. Generalizations about nationalities (like, Americans are optimists, or Germans are professional pessimists) are not usually welcomed, even if they are truthful.

One generalization often made about Americans is that they value their individualism quite high. They pay great attention to their individual differences; to a great number of various choices in their lives; and to the opportunity to do things their own way.

On a daily basis, an American wakes up at 5 am for jogging, then comes back home and rushes to the bathroom to take a shower. As the working day starts at 8 am or 8.30, he/she gets a quick breakfast meal and gets dressed fast. After a morning make-up, for American ladies, and a morning shirt pressing, for American men, he/she runs to their car and heads to the working place. The usual working schedule during a week is from 8 am till 5 pm or 6 p.m. In the evening, he or she drives home and starts preparing an evening meal, called dinner. The leisure time in the evening is spent either with children, or in the night clubs with friends, or at a restaurant with a beloved person. During the weekends Americans go to a church, visit their relatives, meet with their friends, or do anything else that makes them relax.

Nowadays American habits have changed much. Americans buy smaller cars and walk more. More and more of them are cooking "from scratch", instead of using frozen or half-prepared foods. Italian fashion, French wines. German cars, and Dutch cheese are selling well in the U.S. Overall, trends in lifestyles have moved and still move across the Atlantic from Europe.

As a result a typical European may say: "what they are doing in California today, we’ll probably be trying to do in Europe tomorrow".


average — средний, среднестатистический

to be truthful — правдивый, верный, точный

on a daily basis — ежедневно

jogging — утренняя пробежка; оздоровительный бег

to rush to the bathroom — спешить в ванную

to take a shower — принимать душ

a beloved person — возлюбленный; возлюбленная

Dutch cheese — голландский сыр

frozen foods — замороженные полуфабрикаты

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