About myself / О себе

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Ann. I am twenty. I am a student. I study at the university. I am a prospective economist. I like this profession, that's why I study with pleasure. My parents are not economists, but they support me in my choice. We are a friendly family and try to understand and support each other in any situation. Understanding and support is what I need in friendship as well. Some of my friends study at the same university. After classes we usually gather to­gether, discuss our plans or problems and have some fun. We have a lot of hobbies.

Sometimes we go to the disco, sometimes organize a picnic in the open air, play sports or watch a nice film. One of my hobbies is cooking. So when my friends come to my house, I bake their favourite apple pie. I also like reading. One of my favourite authors is Chekhov. I like his books, because I can analyze the characters, their way of life and find answers to my questions. My friends also like reading. We sometimes discuss our favourite authors, their books, the style of their writing and ideas depicted in their books. I like making new friends, so, if you like, you may become my friend as well.


Let me introduce myself — позвольте представиться
a prospective economist — будущий экономист
to support — поддерживать
to gather together — собираться вместе
to have some fun — развлекаться
to analyze — анализировать

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