London / Лондон

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London is the capital of the United Kingdom. Together with Tokyo and New York is one of the three largest cities in the world. London is situated on the river Thames. It divides the city into north and south. The Londoners call the Thames simply "the river". There are fifteen bridges across the river. The most famous are Westminster, Waterloo, Tower, and London bridges.

The oldest part of London is the City. The City is the heart of London, its business part. Here a lot of banks, offices, and firms are concentrated. During the day the city is full of people. But at the end of the day the businessmen, clerks and secretaries go home and the City becomes silent and almost empty. The City is the oldest part of the capital. Among first historic buildings is the Tower of London, built in 1087. It was used as a royal palace, a fortress and a prison.

Close by the Tower of London is St. Paul's Cathedral. It is the greatest of English churches. Its architect was Christopher Wren. It was his greatest work. The building went on for 35 years. The inside of the cathedral is very beautiful. If you climb on the top of it, you will be able to look over London.

Westminster is another central and important part of London. Here Westminster Palace is located. It is famous for the Houses of Parliament. It is the seat of the British Parliament. The Clock Tower with the bell "Big Ben" is famous all over the world. The Houses of Parliament can be visited by the public. The frescoes on its walls are valuable and very interesting. It is one of the oldest buildings in London. The city has many other attractions and provides an unforgettable image.


the Thames — Темза

to climb — подниматься

to be concentrated — быть сконцентрированным

a cathedral — собор

a seat — место работы

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