My favourite season and weather / Мое любимое время года и погода

There are four seasons in the year: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Every season has its fine days and is pleasant in its own way. As for me, I try to enjoy each season of the year. I like warm and beautiful days of early autumn. People often call this period «Indian Summer». In winter the trees are covered with white snow and look beautiful. Besides, winter is a time of joy. Winter holidays are always connected with presents, good mood, parties and a lot of fun. When spring comes, the air is full of freshness and aroma of flowers. Summer brings warmth and new joys.

My favourite season is summer. As I am a student, I may enjoy my summer holidays. They are always full of fun. The weather is usually fine, it is warm and the days are the longest in the year. I may spend a lot of time with my friends. When it gets very hot, we usually go to the river, sunbathe swim and play different games. Sometimes, the weather gets cold. Dark clouds bring thunder and lighting and it starts raining. But I like summer thunderstorms, they make the air fresh and we can see a rainbow across the sky. Besides, in summer the first fruits and vegetables appear. My favourite fruit is a melon. But I also like peaches, plums and cherries. Summer is a really good time for me.


"Indian Summer" — бабье лето
to cover — покрывать
freshness — свежесть
thunder — гром
lighting — молния
a thunderstorm — гроза
a rainbow — радуга
a melon — дыня

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