Travelling around Britain / Путешествие по Великобритании

Текст ниже средней сложности — Travelling around Britain / Путешествие по Великобритании

Have you ever travelled around Britain? Do you know any places in this land where you can stop, relax and dream? Would you like to learn what the names of the Lake District, Shropshire and Essex mean? If your answer is "yes", then join us and let's discover the beauty of Britain together.

First, we shall explore the Lake District. This spectacular region has 16 major lakes and an alpine landscape strewn with cascading waterfalls Bustling Penrith is an ideal base from which to explore the Eden Valley. From Pooley Bridge you can take a leisurely cruise to Glenridding and walk the magnificent lake path to Howtown for fantastic view. Then we hop back on the steamer for a drink and a relaxing ride to our next point.

Second, we are going to go to Shropshire. In this wild and distinctive county, you are guaranteed peace and the pleasures of walking along rich countryside. You can find out about Shropshire's past at the Secret Hills. It is an excellent discovery centre where you can learn about the heritage, wildlife and traditions of the county, and even go on a simulated balloon ride. After the balloon ride, move on to our third destination.

Third, comes Essex. This charming region inspired such well-known painters as Constable and Gainsborough. The area's history predates the Roman invasion all over the country you'll see evidence of a vibrant past-homes, grand castles and Norman churches. You may also explore Coggeshall in the Essex heartland visit the magnificent 12th-century timber-framed Grange Barn to view the local history exhibition.

You will not forget these three natural beauties of England. They are definitely the places to stop for a visit, to relax from the rest of the world and to dream big dreams.


a spectacular region — зрелищный, восхитительный регион

an alpine landscape — альпийский ландшафт

to be strewn with smth — быть усыпанным чем-то

to hop back — запрыгнуть обратно

a steamer — лента (здесь: катер или пароход)

the heritage — наследие

to predate smth — предшествовать чему-то

the Roman invasion — римское завоевание

evidence of a vibrant past — доказательство бурного (резонирующего) прошлого

timber-framed — бревенчатый, обложенный бревнами

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