British TV / Британский ТВ

Текст средней сложности — British TV / Британский ТВ

Television is very important in the modern society. Valuable information is a criterion of choosing TV programmes. Such TV programmes and TV channels that give complete and accurate information are very popular in any country. But sometimes people like to watch something funny, and see sensations. That's why every TV company has many entertainment programmes to any possible taste.

TV is a popular entertainment in Great Britain Almost every citizen of the country watches TV at least 4 hours a day. Public television service in Britain began with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Its programmes appeared in 1936 and were the first in the world. By 1958 the BBC programmes were available to over 98 per cent of the population and were transmitted from 20 stations. The BBC service is one of the oldest in Great Britain and has its special character. The BBC studio productions come from eight main London studios and eight small interview studios that are located in England, Scotland and Wales.

By the Television Act of 1954 the Independent Television Authority (ITA) appeared. In 1955 the first regular independent television (ITV) service appeared by a programme transmission from the ITA stations. By 1958 the company had seven stations in all parts of Great Britain and nearly three-quarters of the total number of homes with television sets were able to receive the ITV. The ITV programmes are produced at modern studio centres in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle and others.

Generally speaking, both the BBC and the ITV services provide programmes of music, drama, light entertainment, and films. Religious programmes are also a feature of both services. Advertising is excluded from the television programmes of the BBC. The ITA programmes are interrupted by advertising but it is some restrictions. There are many advertising intervals in and between programmes. This method is often criticized as it sometimes spoils the programme. But British people watch TV with pleasure. It helps them to learn what has recently happened in their country and abroad, receive interesting information and a lot of fun.


valuable — ценный

a criterion — критерий

entertainment — развлечение

be transmitted — транслироваться

interrupt — прерывать


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