My favourite artist / Мой любимый художник

I have many favourite artists. Among them are writers, painters and musicians. When I have free time I often read my favourite books or listen to my favourite music. When I have a spare day, I sometimes visit Kiev Museum of Russian Art. I like the museum, for there are many masterpieces there. But the most interesting works for me are the paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky.

Ivan Aivazovsky was born and died in Theodosia. As he studied and lived in Russia for some time, he is considered to be a Russian painter. He studied at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg Ivan Aivazovsky was a painter of seascapes. Aivazovsky produced about 6,000 paintings, depicting mainly scenes on the Black Sea and turbulent seascapes, including The Ninth Wave Black Sea, Amid the Waves, Flood i Sudak, and Storm. He also painted sea battles (such as Siege of Sevastopol) and Ukrainian landscapes (Harvest in Ukraine, Winter Scene in Ukraine, Wedding in Ukraine, Odessa at Night. Crimean View in Moonugnt, View of the Crimea, and Harvest in the Crimea). Aivazovsky established a picture gallery in Theodosia, which he donated later to the city. The Aivazovsky Picture Gallery in Theodosia has some 400 of his works, as well as paintings by Crimean seascape artists and a small collection of seascapes by Western artists. Ivan Aivazovsky depicted sea and the people who lived by the sea. He dedicated many of his works to the struggle between the people and the sea. He showed strong will and courage of those people and the power of the sea.


masterpiece — шедевр
to consider — считать
"Amid the Waves" — «Среди волн»
"The Ninth Wave" — «Девятый вал»
to dedicate — посвящать

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