My house and flat / Мой дом и квартира

Текст средней сложности — My house and flat / Мой дом и квартира

I live in the centre of our town. My family has a big flat in a modern nine-storied house. We also have a car, and the garage is not far from our house. In front of the house there is a children's playground and a small garden. In the evening I like to sit in the garden and watch children playing.

Our flat is on the fourth floor. It is a big and nicely furnished flat. There are four rooms in it: a living room and three bedrooms. Our living room is just across the corridor on the right. Here you can see a bookcase and a nice cupboard. There is also a sofa and two armchairs in the room. The curtains a beautiful thick carpet and nice pictures on the walls make this room cozy. We often sit here in the evening, watch TV and drink tea with biscuits. My mother is fond of reading, she often sits here in her favourite armchair and reads a book.

As for me, my favourite place is my bedroom, which is my study. Our bed¬rooms are furnished very much alike. There is a sofa, a wardrobe a desk and some bookshelves there. The only difference is the colour and style. If you enter my room, you'll know much about me. There are a lot of photos on the walls. As I like to travel, I bring many photos from each country, I visit. The best of them hang on the walls. My desk stands near the window, and it is the best place to work for me in our flat. When I get tired, I often sit on the sofa and listen to my favourite music.

But my brother likes our kitchen. He likes the smell of our mother's apple pie and everything she cooks for us. Our kitchen is rather big, so everyone has their favourite place here. We often sit around our table and discuss our family life. We also have our meals in the kitchen. We often gather here in the morning and in the evening to have breakfast and supper or have a snack. I think that this is my family that makes the flat so cozy and comfortable.


cozy — уютный
to enter — входить
to be furnished — быть обставленным (о комнате)
to have a snack — перекусить
a wardrobe — гардероб

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