My pastime / Мое времяпрепровождение

My name is Yuriy. I study at the university in Donetsk. As I am fond of economics, I study with pleasure. I hardly have free time for my family and friends on week-days. I often dedicate all my time after classes to searching for new information in economics. Not all my friends understand it. But sometimes we stay together in the library and help each other with our tasks. It makes the work easier.

On weekends I have more time for my hobbies. These are computers and sport. We often gather together with my friends and play computer games. As I often win, I like to spend my pastime with my friends in a computer club. When the weather is fine, I often play football with my friends.

Sometimes I spend my pastime with my family. Our relatives come to our home and we enjoy talking to each other and discussing our plans for the future. Most of all I like summer holidays as I can have fun every day and enjoy life as it is.


to be fond of — увлекаться
hardly — едва
to dedicate — посвящать
searching for new information — поиск новой информации
to be in good mood — быть в хорошем настроении
to have fun — развлекаться
to relax — расслабляться

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