My summer holidays / Мои летние каникулы

My name is Lena. I am a prospective teacher. Every day I have a lot of tasks to fulfill. I hardly have time for my family and friends because of it. That’s why I wait for summer holidays each year. In summer I have more time for communication hobbies and fun. What I like to do most of all in summer is doing sports. I like team sports. That’s why I like to do sports with my friends. It brings me energy a good mood and a lot of fun.

Spending time with my friends is what I like about my summer holidays. We can discuss our student life and make plans for future. I never get tired of my friends and I am always glad when they call me and invite me to go to the river or a disco. Sometimes I organize a party for my friends at home. Then I cook something tasty for them.

I like spending time at the seaside. I spend there a couple of weeks with my parents each year. I like to lie on the sand and listen to the sounds of the sea. It makes me relax and fills me with harmony and energy. After such rest I am ready to continue my studying again.


prospective — будущий
to fulfill — выполнять
hardly — едва
to make plans — строить планы
to get tired of smb or smth — уставать от кого-либо, чего-либо
studying — учеба

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