Places of historical interest in Ukraine / Интересные исторические места в Украине

Текст средней сложности — Places of historical interest in Ukraine / Интересные исторические места в Украине

Ukrainian places of interest have always been attractive for tourists. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Ukraine each year. Especially many tourists visit its capital, one of the oldest cities in Europe, Kiev. The main entrance to the city the Golden Gate. At the present time it is only a fragment of two parallel walls, which gives the idea of building techniques in ancient Rus. One more ancient monument is the oldest Ukrainian monastery, Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. Its caves were used in pre-historic times and were taken by monks about a thousand years ago. The monastery became a major centre of religious and cultural life.

It would take lots of time just to name places of historical interest in Kiev: Mariinsky Palace, St. Vladimir's Cathedral, St. Andrew's Church, Kontraktova Square, Andriyevsky Spusk etc. Almost every town and village in Ukraine has ancient buildings, monuments and legends, connected with them.

Lvov has always been an important centre of cultural life and it is rich in historical monuments. One of its oldest churches is St. Nicolas (late 13th c.). The highest point of the town is the hill High Castle. From this point you can see the entire town, with its beautiful churches, cathedrals and other ancient buildings.

The Carpathian Mountains are one of the most beautiful corners of Ukraine They are sometimes called a natural and unique open-air museum. Their ancient wooden churches, picturesque landscapes, old customs and traditions are unforgettable, once you've been there. The Olesky Zamok, located not far from Lvov, is a must with every tourist who visits western Ukraine, because of its unique architecture, ancient beauty and historical value. Inside it you can see furniture, lamps, wallpapers typical for the 13— 17th centuries. Around it there are beautiful parks with park sculptures.

If you come to Ukraine once, you'll dream about seeing its historical treasures, unique culture and nature once more.


entrance — вход

monk — монах

cave — пещера

treasure — сокровище

wallpapers — обои

picturesque — живописный

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