The Climate and Seasons in England / Климат и времена года в Англии

The warm current of the Gulf Stream brings a temperate climate to the British Isles. So the weather in England is mild in all seasons. The temperature seldom reaches extremes of heat or cold. It averages about 40 degrees Fahrenheit in January and 60 degrees in August. During the day the changes in temperature are not very great, that is why weather forecasts do not give the temperature of the air.

The best seasons in England are spring and summer. In summer the sun shines brightly but it is not hot. Green grass covers the fields and meadows. Here and there beautiful flowers are growing. It is pleasant to walk in the woods and forests, to breathe fresh air and listen to the songs of the birds. The days in summer are long and the nights are short so you have much time to enjoy the wonderful landscape.

Autumn is a rainy season and the weather is mostly dull. But there may be a spell of sunny weather in late September, which they call Indian summer, when the sky seems high, the sun shines and the earth is covered with fallen leaves.

The most typical feature of the climate in England is the thick fog that they often have in autumn and in winter. It comes often and stays for weeks.

In winter the sky is pale, grey and has low clouds. The sun shines rarely, its rays are pale, itsets early and rises late. The winter air is frosty and the weather is windy. They have all sorts of weather in winter. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it snows heavily, and they also have fog and frost. But it rains more often than it snows. That is why English people do not wear heavy overcoats, but only warm raincoats.

Towards the end of the winter the snow begins to melt, the sky becomes blue, the first grass and flowers appear, the birds come back from the warm lands. Spring comes.

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