The mass media in Ukraine / Средства массовой информации в Украине

Текст средней сложности — The mass media in Ukraine / Средства массовой информации в Украине

The mass media are very important in the modern society. Valuable information is a criterion of choosing newspapers or TV programmes. Such mass media that give complete and accurate information are always very popular. But sometimes people like to read funny stories, horoscopes, and sensations. That's why many newspapers also have advice columns, reviews of books, comics, crossword puzzles and so on.

The main task of mass media is giving information about the most urgent problems in the society. Those are problems in health care, culture, education and so on. The mass media have to focus public attention on these problems and thus try to make our life better. Usually daily mass media contain some international state and local news. They also contain different pictures, photographs and illustration it makes a reader pay attention to the most important articles.

Today Ukrainians have a big choice of newspapers and magazines. You may find newspapers of all kinds national and local, official and private, special newspapers for children, teenagers, for all kinds of fans — sport fans, music fans etc. Business newspapers, women's magazines, car fans newspapers are very popular nowadays. There are also a lot of "free" newspapers that specialize in advertising.

As for me, I prefer those Ukrainian newspapers that give complete and accurate information about most important events in the world and in Ukraine. I watch news on TV every day as I am interested in what has already happened in Ukraine and what is going to happen. But sometimes, I buy women's magazines in order to find useful information about make-up, health, and cooking. I do not trust horoscopes very much, so I usually do not read them. I also do not like advertising both in newspapers and on TV. But I am very glad that the freedom of the mass media in Ukraine has become real today. And everyone may choose what they trust.


valuable — ценный

urgent — важный, неотложный

make-up — макияж

a magazine — журнал

advertising — реклама


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