Ukraine / Украина

Welcome to Ukraine! Ukraine is a picturesque country, which is situated in the south-western part of Europe. It is washed by two seas: the Black sea and the Sea of Azov. The land of Ukraine varies from forests and high mountains to valleys and steppes. But each part of Ukraine has a unique charm of its-own. There are a lot rivers and lakes in different parts of the country, such as the Southern Buh, the Dniester, the Desna, the Siversky Donets, and others. They also contribute to its beauty. The main river in Ukraine is the Dnieper, the third longest river in Europe which divides Ukraine into the Right Bank and the Left-Bank territories.

The main mountain chains are the Carpathians in the West and the Crimean Mountains the South. Because of their unique nature, they attract tourists all the year round.

Ukraine is rich in natural and mineral resources. It has deposits of iron, coal, nickel, granite, rare metals and other valuable raw materials. Besides, Ukraine has a ranking position among industrially developed countries. The biggest industrial centers such as Kharkov, Donetsk, and Dnepropetrovsk are situated mainly in the eastern part of Ukraine. The western part of Ukraine is famous for its unique nature and traditions, picturesque landscapes. But the heart of cultural, business and political life of the country is Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. With its old historical buildings, museums and art galleries, parks and the Dnieper, it is one of the most beautiful European cities.

Mild climate, picturesque landscapes, old traditions and hospitable population make Ukraine one of the most beautiful and attractive European countries.


  • to be washed by — омываться
  • to vary — изменяться
  • valleys and steppes — долины и степи
  • a unique charm of its own — собственная прелесть
  • to contribute to — привносить
  • natural ana mineral resources — природные и минеральные ресурсы
  • deposits — залежи
  • ranking position — значимая позиция
  • landscape (s) — ландшафт
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