Ukrainian customs and traditions / Украинские обычаи и традиции

Текст средней сложности — Ukrainian customs and traditions / Украинские обычаи и традиции

Ukraine has a long history. Ukrainian customs and traditions have changed during the centuries. But they still reflect Ukrainian culture and national character. Most of Ukrainian customs and traditions are connected with religious holidays. Some of them symbolize a wish to be healthy, have good luck and wealth. People believe, if they follow the ancient tradition, it will bring them happiness.

One of the oldest Ukrainian religious holidays is Christmas. In some areas the pre-Christian name «Koliada» still exists. The most interesting part of Ukrainian Christmas is Christmas Eve (Sviat-Vechir). It is connected with many magical acts that should bring wealth to the family. Some other of the most known Christmas customs are fortune telling, singing Christmas carols, cooking traditional Christmas dishes, going to church service.

Another religious festival in winter is the Jordanian Holiday. It is celebrated in memory of Jesus Christ's christening (on the 19th of January). The eve of the holiday is called «the generous evening». People sing «the generous songs» at their supper. They believe that these songs will bring their families wealth. In the morning of the Jordanian Holiday the christening of water takes place. This water protects the people and their homes during the year.

One of the most important Ukrainian religious holidays in spring is Easter. In Ukrainian, Easter is called «Velykden» (the Great Day). The last Sunday before Easter is called Willow Sunday. On this day willow branches are blessed in the church. The people tap one another with these branches and say: «Be as tall as the willow, as healthy as the water, and as rich as the earth».


fortune telling — предсказание судьбы

a Christmas carol — рождественская колядка

Jordan — Иордан

wealth — богатство

to tap — похлопывать

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