Ukrainian sports / Спорт в Украине

Текст средней сложности — Ukrainian sports / Спорт в Украине

Sport helps people to keep in good health and be more disciplined. The history of Ukrainian sports goes back to the ancient times. Ukrainian Cossacks' culture was built on the basis of the national games and physical exercises. Such kinds of sport as swimming, running, wrestling and others were very popular.

The first sports organizations appeared in the 19th century. They were not numerous, among them there some aristocratic yachting clubs and also some tennis clubs. In 1900 there were already 196 clubs on the territory of Ukraine. In 1912 the first courses on the training of specialists in physical training appeared in Kiev. The period of study was only 2 months. The first sports stadiums and centres were built in 1913 after the Olympiad.

Nowadays, Ukrainian sports are well developed. Specialists in physical training are trained in Kiev, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities. The largest stadium is in Kiev. It is stadium for 100.000 spectators. There are also some international sport clubs like «Spartak» or «Progress» in Lvov, Chernovtsy and other cities. There are also some specialized sports schools in Ukraine.

Ukrainian voluntary sports organizations develop different sports programs for young people and children. Ukraine pays much attention to sports. Such names as S. Bubka, Y. Klotchkova and many others became famous all over the world. I hope we will soon hear names of new outstanding Ukrainian sportsmen, as Ukrainian people were always fond of sports.


ancient — древний

wrestling — борьба

a yacht — яхта

a spectator — зритель

numerous — многочисленный


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Ukrainian sports / Спорт в Украине

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Текст средней сложности — Ukrainian sports / Спорт в Украине

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