Places of historical interest in Ukraine / Интересные исторические места в Украине

One of the ways to get to know a people is to learn about its history. Visiting places of historical interest is like going back in time. There is a wonderful place on the outskirts of Kiev, where you can come into contact with the eternal beauty of the Ukrainian culture and breathe its history. The place is called Pyrogovo. There the Open-air Museum of Folk Architecture and Ethnography is situated. Walking through the museum is like walking through the whole Ukraine, its past and present times. The six major sections of the museum represent all the major historical and ethnographical areas of Ukraine. Architectural features of country houses, churches and taverns that have been brought to the museum from many  parts of Ukraine reflect differences in local conditions and modes of life.      

Ukrainian history is full of dramatic events and heroic deeds. Many of them are connected with Kiev, one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. In the centre of the city is Bohdan Khmelmtsky Square. In the centre of the square there a monument to Bohdan Khmelmtsky, an outstanding Ukrainian statesman and military leader. One of his achievements was reunion with Russia in the 17th century that was the Ukraine’s only ally at that time. This decision was ratified in 1654 at the historical Periyaslav Rada. Bohdan Khmelmtsky is considered to be the national hero of Ukraine. The monument to Bohdan Khmelmtsky was bunt in 1888 by sculptor Mikhail Mikeshin. It shows the prominent statesman on a horseback pointing his mace towards Moscow.

Leaving Bohdan Khmelnitsky Square you come to St. Sophia Cathedral, an outstanding monument of ancient Rus and world culture. It was founded during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise. For centuries this remarkable building has changed its appearance many times. Numerous mosaics and frescos of the interior decorations add to its unique architectural forms. Ancient churches and cathedrals, which are or great historical and art value, can be found in many cities and towns in Ukraine: Lvov, Yalta, Bahchisarai, etc. If you visit Ukraine, you’ll enjoy its historical treasures, unique nature and culture.


eternal — вечный

an open-air museum — музей под открытым небом

prominent — выдающийся

mosaics and frescos — мозаики и фрески

reunion — присоединение

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