I go shopping / Покупка

Shopping is a new kind of hobby or just a waste of time? A lot of people find it the best treatment for a bad mood. Buying new clothes may bring pleasant emotions and change image for the better. But a lot of people consider shopping to be a waste of time and money. Men usually do not like to go shopping very much. And women cannot resist the temptation of buying a new becoming dress.

I am a girl of 20 and consider clothes to be very important in my life. I like to go shopping when I need something new. Usually I do not buy anything at once. I like to try on several dresses of different styles and cut, till I choose what suits me best. I can say, that’s one of my hobbies. When I have some free time I can walk along the streets for hours, look at the shop windows and decide what could suit me best. When I need a dress for a special occasion, I go shopping with my mother. She is keen on fashion and may help me choose the best cut and style. Sometimes I go shopping with my best friend Tanya; we usually help each other to buy clothes for a new season.

Buying food is not so interesting for me. I usually do not have much time for that. That’s why I often go to the nearest supermarket, where I may buy everything I need. Along with fish, milk, fruit and vegetables that I usually buy, I also choose something sweet, like biscuits or a cake. That makes shopping in a supermarket more pleasant.


becoming — к лицу
a cut — покрой
to resist the temptation — устоять перед искушением
consider — считать

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