My favourite season and weather / Мое любимое время года и погода

"There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes". I fully agree with this saying. There are very many things to enjoy in every season. Each year starts with joyful winter holidays. Big, white snowflakes are falling thick and fast and soon the ground, the roofs and the trees are covered with snow. Children and grown-ups may make snowmen, play snow balls, go skiing, skating or sliding down the snow covered hills.

In March the snow is melting faster with each day. It is very pleasant to watch how the nature awakens from its winter sleep. The birds are singing, the ground is covered with fresh new grass and the first tiny leaves begin to appear. The air is filled with aroma of flowers and the people feel young and active.

Summer brings warmth and a lot of fun. We may enjoy swimming and sports, meet our friends and spend more time with our families. It is the best time for travelling. Summer is often full of unforgettable moments and impressions. A summer thunderstorm often brings relief on a stuffy day. The air becomes fresh and a rainbow appears in the sky.

I try to enjoy each season. But my favourite season is autumn. Beautiful autumn flowers make the first cool days more pleasant. The early autumn is often called "Indian Summer". The silver gossamer is flying in the air, the trees are gold and brown, and the sky looks extremely blue. Many people like these last warm days of the year. The fruit trees are heavy with juicy apples, almost all fruits and vegetables could be seen in the market. It is pleasant to stay at home with an interesting book and a cup of coffee on an autumn gloomy day. Late autumn sometimes brings frost and soon soft, white snow covers everything around.


a snowflake — снежинка
to slide — кататься с горы
to melt — таять
gossamer — паутина
gloomy — мрачный

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