Youth culture in Ukraine / Молодежная культура в Украине

Ukraine is still a young independent state. It is constantly developing. Ukrainian youth takes an active part in this process. More and more young people are engaged in the work of different youth organizations, social work and political parties. They struggle for the better future of their country.

Many young people work as volunteers with elderly people, children, other young people, who find themselves in a difficult situation. It helps them to understand other people, sympathize with them. It unites them and develops their personal qualities. Leadership qualities are needed in all spheres of our life. Many young people want to become leaders in their communities. They work out projects that may make the lite of the society better, they unite their efforts in defending their rights, and they take the responsibility for the future of their country.

As many other people abroad, young Ukrainians also want to enjoy their young life and have a lot of fun. Sport is one of the modern hobbies of young people. It helps them to keep fit and be active. Many schools, colleges and universities have their sports grounds, football or volleyball teams. There are also many sports clubs in Ukraine. Among them are international sports clubs like "Spartak" or "Progress» in Lvov, Chernovtsy and other cities. There are also some specialized sports schools in Ukraine.

Among the most burning problems of the Ukrainian youth are drugs and AIDs. Unfortunately, many young people in Ukraine have AIDs. A great amount of them are drug addicts. And the number of these people is getting bigger. It is the responsibility of everyone nowadays to stop the epidemic of AIDs. Many social programmes are also aimed at it.

Among the main aims in life of the young people in our country is education. For many young people higher education is one of the ways of developing their talents and abilities. It gives better opportunities to find a good job. Besides studies, young people are also engaged in scientific and research work. There exist "Young Scientists’ Councils", where young people can discuss their scientific investigations. They work for the better future of our country.


to sympathize with smb — сочувствовать кому-либо


drugs — наркотики

responsibility — ответственность

an epidemic — эпидемия

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