People in the Family — Люди в моей семье

My name is Helen. I’m nine. I’m from Minsk. I’ve got a mother, a father and a sister. So we are a family of four.

My sister’s name is Kitty. She is three. She is a nice funny little girl. I like to play with her. We play hide-and-seek and tag. Kitty has got many toys: dolls, balls, toy animals. We often play with her toys.

My father and my mother are very busy. My father works in a plant. He is an engineer. My mother is a teacher. She works at school and teaches children English. Her pupils love her. I want to be a teacher, too. I like to go to school. It’s interesting.

When my parents are at work my Granny looks after my sister and me. She cooks us tasty dinner and takes us for a walk. She is very kind. I love her very much.

We have got a lot of relatives: cousins, aunts and uncles, because my Granny has a son and two daughters, five grandchildren, two nieces and one nephew. But they don’t live in Minsk. They live in different towns. They  come to see us and we usually have a good time together.

I’m happy to have such a family.

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