School life - Школьная жизнь

Топик легкой сложности — School life - Школьная жизнь

In our country school begins at the age of six. Many boys and girls usually leave school at the age of seventeen.

School year begins on the first of September. It is the Day of Knowledge. Children going to school with their bags and flowers on the first school day look so clean and nice. Some of them wear uniforms, but some don't.

Classes usually begin at eight. At primary school children have classes five days a week. Saturdays and Sundays are days off. Every day schoolchildren have five or four lessons. Pupils sit in rows and follow a regular timetable. There are many different subjects on the timetable. Children study Belarusian and Russian, Maths, Nature Study, Art, Music, PE and Handicraft. Many schoolchildren study English. After the second lesson they have lunch.

When classes are over about one o'clock, many pupils have dinner at school. After classes they gо in for sports, dancing, drawing and other activities. They often visit museums and other famous and interesting places, theatres and cinemas with their teachers.

Schoolchildren have autumn, winter and spring holidays for ten days. School is over at the end of May and summer holidays are the longest.

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