Sports — Спорт

Sport is an exiting creative sphere of hard work and competition. It’s a sphere where men and women want to surpass themselves. In sport everyone seeks answers to his own problems. Not without reason do people say that sport is a world of its own and it can’t mean the same to everybody.

People all over the world are fond of sports and games. Sport makes people healthy, keeps them fit. We know that there is a sound mind in a sound body. Sport makes a person’s character. It’s good for moral development as well. It’s a way to meet other people, even people from other countries. There are no social differences in sport. Everybody is equal. Sport teaches us how to lose as well as to win.

Many people do sports on their personal initiative. They go in for skiing, skating, tennis, swimming, volleyball, football, body-building, etc. All the necessary facilities are provided for them: stadiums, sports grounds, swimming pools, skating rinks, football fields. Sport is paid much attention to in our educational establishments.

There are different sporting societies, clubs and complexes in our republic. The most famous of them are the Olympic complexes «Raubichi», «Staiki», «Dinamo» stadium, etc. They are used for international and world competitions. They were built for the 22nd Olympic Games which took place in 1980.

Everybody chooses a kind of sports he or she is interested in. Every week thousands of people do sports and millions watch sports programmes on TV, read sport news in newspapers and listen to sport reports on the radio.

As for me, I like sports too, though in theory at present. When I was a junior pupil I went in for sports. I liked swimming, so I went to the swimming pool every day. You know how it always happens when you grow up. The habits gradually change and at present I hardly do sports seriously. Though from time to time I do my morning exercises.

But I am sure if you want to keep fit you must go in for sports because sport makes people strong, healthy and optimistic.

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