TV and Radio — Телевидение и радио

Radio and TV are mass media which keep people informed on the topical issues of the day. Both on radio and TV you can listen to a programme on sports, art, news, music and weather. The difference is that on TV you can see everything you’ve heard about. And it’s an important advantage. Besides, there are a lot of entertaining programmes on TV, a lot of feature, documentary films which provoke hot discussions. But watching TV is often a waste of time.

Radio is preferable to TV when you are at work and need information or have to focus your attention on something else. For example, when you drive a car, it’s better to listen to radio than to watch TV.

But both radio and TV play an important role in our life as well as newspapers. They give the full coverage of the latest events, comment on the most important developments, political and domestic affairs. They acquaint us with different views and opinions. Thus, they contribute to the development of the information network.

That’s why in the recent years there has been the increase in the amount of time spent watching TV. Though it depends on the season, the age of the viewers and social class. For example, TV viewing is less popular in summer than in winter. It is more popular with old people than with other age groups. Professional and managerial classes watch less than the unskilled. Besides, women watch more than men.

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