Washington, DC — Вашингтон, округ Колумбия

Washington, DC is the capital of the USA. It is situated on the Potomac River. In 1791 George Washington, the first American president, chose the place for a capital city. He thought it was a good place because the Potomac River was "deep enough for ships to come to the city.

Washington is not a typical American city. It has no skyscrapers and nobody will build a house higher than the Capitol. It is a nice thing not to have stone jungles in the city. There are a lot of large public gardens, parks where you can. sit in the sun, and wide streets like Pennsylvania Avenue, which runs to the foot of Capitol Hill. Every four years it plays the role of a ceremonial way for a president, connecting the White House and the Capitol.

Like any other capital, Washington, DC meets millions of tourists from different countries and all parts of the USA. They come to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, the White House and the Capitol, the Library of Congress and Jefferson Memorial, Kennedy Center, art treasures and monuments to those who struggled in the past to make an English colony a free country. Washington, DC is not only the city where the President lives and works. It’s the city where you think about the glorious history of the USA.

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