My Favourite TV Programme / Моя любимая ТВ программа

— Hello, Tanya!

— Hello, Yulya! Where are you hurrying to?

— In half an hour starts my favourite TV programme.

— Is it "SvobodaSlova"?

— Exactly! I always watch it. I may hear different points of view on the urgent problems in Ukraine.

— I also find it important to discuss what is going to happen in Ukraine. It may help to prevent problems.

— The topic of today’s programme is education.

— Really? There are many problem in this sphere.

— I hope, if we discuss the problems, we will find the way to solve them.

— I hope so. I am a student, a prospective teacher. I am sure it will be interesting for me to watch this programme too.

— I think, you will not regret. We will discuss it tomorrow.

— O.K. See you later!

— Set you!