Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon / Шекспировский Мемориальный театр в Стратфорде-на-Эйвоне

— Good morning, Sir!

— Good morning!

— May I ask you a question? I know there is the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

— Yes, there is. It is one of the most popular in our town.

— I know it is very old; it was opened in the 19th century.

— Yes, it opened on April 23, on Shakespeare’s birthday, in 1879. It opened with the Shakespeare Festival. But in 1926 it was burnt to the ground.

— Really? I did not know that! When was it rebuilt?

— In 1932. But the theatre now is one of the most comfortable and best equipped in the world. It has its own library, picture gallery and a restaurant.

— Where is it situated?

— In a charming place on the bank of the river. You can see its rose-coloured building from here.

— It is really beautiful! Thank you very much for the information!

— Enjoy your visit to the theatre!