At a Theater Box-Office / На Театральной кассе

Clerk: Good evening, sir. Can I help you?

Mr. Smith: Good evening, sir. Yes I’d like to know what plays are on this month.

Clerk: This month only two shows are on: "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Sound of Music".

Mr. Smith: Great. Which one would you advise my family and me to go to?

Clerk: Will you take you kids with you?

Mr. Smith: Yes, my wife and I are taking the son and daughter with us.

Clerk: Ok, then "Sound of Music" will be the best show for the whole family.

Mr. Smith: Very good. Can I get tickets for tonight’s show then?

Clerk: The front row of the dress circle is fairly free.

Mr. Smith: Are there any boxes?

Clerk: No, I’m afraid that’s all there is.

Mr. Smith: All right. Could I have four tickets for the front row, please?

Clerk: Yes, here you are. They are $22 altogether.

Mr. Smith: Thank you, sir.

Clerk: Enjoy the show!