Emigration / Эмиграция

— Hello, Olya!

— Nice to see you, Vadim! What are you reading?

— It is a magazine published in the USA. My aunt has brought it.

— Does she live in the USA?

— Yes, she emigrated several years ago. But she misses Ukraine and always reads the latest news about our country in American newspapers and magazines.

— Does she have any problems with the language?

— No, she speaks English very well. That’s why she can read American press.

— Does she have any problems with finding a job?

— She says, everyone who wants to find a job in the USA, can find it. Sometimes, other members of the Ukrainian community help.

— Does she want to return to Ukraine?

— She says many Ukrainians return to Ukraine. But her husband doesn’t want to live here. He is an American. So she decided to stay there with him. I am going to visit them this winter.

— I hope to meet you afterwards and discuss your impressions.

— See you later!

— See you!