Dima is from Ukraine / Дима из Украины

A young Ukrainian is talking about his country with other students of a language course

— Let me introduce myself. I am a newcomer. My name is Dima. I am from Ukraine.

— We have no one from Ukraine in our group, but I’ve heard it is a very beautiful country.

— Yes, it i; As for me, I love western Ukraine, this is the region I come from. The Carpathian Mountains located there attract tourists from all over the world.

— I’ve heard, there are also mountains in the south. Are they also beautiful?

— Yes, they are called the Crimean Mountains. The Crimea is also famous for the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

— I’ve heard, there are a lot of rivers in Ukraine.

— Yes, it is true. The main river in Ukraine the Dnieper, the third longest river in Europe!

— Does it flow through the capital of the country, Kiev?

— Yes, it divides the city into two parts and makes it more attractive.

— Thank you for interesting information. I will definitely visit Ukraine this year.

— You are welcome!