Going Places in New York / Места в Нью-Йорке

Jill: Shall we take a bus or a taxi to Manhattan?

Rob: We’d better take a bus. It’s almost impossible to find a taxi in the rush hour.

Jill: Right. And it must be expensive to get to Manhattan by taxi.

Rob: Yes. I think the bus stop is over there. Shall we go?

Jill: Let’s go there.

Rob: Jill, what would you like to see in Manhattan?

Jill: Actually, I don t have anything special. I’d like simply to walk around and enjoy Manhattan skyline. They say it is very beautiful there. What about you, Rob?

Rob: As for me, I also don’t have any favourite place in Manhattan to go to. But I’d love to go to Broadway and breathe its magic air there. What do you think?

Jill: I’m for it. We can go to Broadway after Manhattan. I believe there are so many attractions on offer there.

Rob: Right. Oh, here comes the bus.

Jill: Let’s get in.