In a Petticoat Lane / В Петтикоут-Лейн

Ann: Look at all these nice stickers! Which one are you going to choose?

Liz: I don’t know. Perhaps the yellow one?.. No, I think I’ll choose that blue one over there.

Ann: Yes, fine. That one is lovely. And only 30 pennies.

Liz: What about you? Which one are you going to buy?

Ann: I think I’ll buy the one with the picture of Elizabeth I.

Liz: Oh, that is a perfect idea. Since I am also Elizabeth, I need to find a cup or a plate with the picture of the Queen. So that every time I look at it, I’ll think of our trip to London and the places we visited here.

Ann: Shall we run then for the nice cup or plate that you want?

Liz: We’d better just go fast.