It Is Never Late to Be Fit / Никогда не поздно быть здоровым

— Hello, Yana!

— Hello, Marina!

— Listen, Yana, do you like sport?

— Well, I want to do sports, but I am afraid, it is too late for me to start.

— It is never late to be fit and to be in a good mood. Sport is very popular nowadays in Ukraine. It is a modern hobby.

— Well, I do not like football and volleyball. I do not like team sports at all.

— I advise you swimming. It will help you to keep fit and be in a good mood. I know a good sports centre in our city. I am sure it will be interesting for you. Besides, sport unites people and you may find there new friends.

— Well, if I like it, you will soon hear of another Yana Klotchkova, an Olympic champion.

— Not all people become champions. But most people do sports not for medals. They want to be healthy and active.

— I am sure, I will become one of them soon.