Pastimes / Времяпрепровождения

Roger: What do you do in your spare time?

Barry: Oh, nothing special: I read, watch TV, and go to the movies some times.

Roger: Don’t you have any hobbies, like stamp collecting or doing crafts?

Barry: No, I don’t have any hobbies. How about you?

Roger: I have just one — baseball. I used to play it and now I only watch the game.

Barry: Really? I didn’t know that you like baseball. What attracts you most in this game?

Roger: What I like best of all about baseball, is that you can play it everywhere: school, university, some private organization premises, you know.

Barry: Yes, you are right. Baseball is everywhere and a lot of people consider it the pastime of the whole American nation.

Roger: Well, it proves itself a lot. Baseball watching is a good reason for spending time with you family, sharing a meal together and having a lot of fun.

Barry: Yes, this is quite true. I’d like to join you sometime for the game.

Roger: Of course, that would be fun. My friends and I are going to watch baseball this Thursday.

Barry: With pleasure.

Roger: Ok. It’s settled.