A Phone Call / Телефонный звонок

Tom: Hello?

Don: Hello, Tom! This is Don. How are you?

Tom: Hi, Don. Good. How are you?

Don: Fine. Listen, Jerry and I want to go bowling tomorrow night. Would you like to go with us?

Tom: Well, it sounds like fun. But actually I’ve got a lot of homework to do just now.

Don: Oh, come on, Tom. It’ll be fun, make you relax. You’ll study better.

Tom: I really can’t go. I’ve got Chemistry exam on Monday and a book report due on Tuesday, and American Lit. I’m really getting nervous about it. I don’t think I’ll enjoy bowling much.

Don: Don’t worry. Maybe next time. Good luck on your exam!

Tom: Thanks a lot for thinking of me Sorry, I can’t join you.

Don: No trouble. See you soon.

Tom: Bye.