Shopping for food / В магазин за продуктами

Laura: Ok. What do we need? Is there any Coke?

Tim:  Yes, there is some Coke and we’ve got a lot of lemonade, too. But there isn’t any coffee. And there isn’t any milk or fruit juice.

Laura: Ok. And have we got any meat or fish?

Tim: We’ve got some sausages and some tuna.

Laura: Have we got any crisps?

Tim: Yes, we have. And we’ve got a lot of chocolate and biscuits, too.

Laura: Good. Is there any fruit?

Tim: We’ve got some apples, but we haven’t got any oranges.

Laura: Are there any vegetables?

Tim: There aren’t any potatoes. But there are some carrots. By the way, Laura, have you got any money? I didn’t go to the bank yesterday.

Laura: Yes, don’t worry. I’ve got some money!