Sports / Спорт

Tom: Do you like sports, Helen?

Helen: I can’t say that I like all kinds of sports. Some of them I do, some of them I don’t.

Tom: What’s your favourite kind of sports, then?

Helen: I like to watch figure skating, snooker game and synchronized swimming. What do you like to watch?

Tom: I have several sports that I like to watch. For example, running, shooting and lumping. But the kind of sports that I do and I watch is football, of course. Do you ever watch football matches?

Helen: To tell you the truth, Tom. I never watch football. I simply don’t understand the rules and the meaning of this game. Besides, it is very noisy and people get really angry when their team loses.

Tom: I see, Helen. Would you like me to explain the rules of football? Maybe you would like to go with me to the Scottish Premier League on Saturday, wouldn’t you?

Helen: I don’t know, Tom I have a lot of homework to do for Monday.

Tom: Oh, come on Helen. Every time I ask you to go out with me you are always saying the same.

Helen: Tom, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ll go out with you anywhere you take me.

Tom: Are you sure?

Helen: Of course, I am.Tom: Ok, then, Saturday at 6 pm I will be near your house.

Helen: I’ll be there. I promise.