St. Valentine’s Day / День Валентина

— Do you know, what is the most important holiday in Ukraine?

— Well, there are many popular holidays: the New Year’s Day, Christmas, the Women’s Day… Everyone chooses their favourite holiday.

— What is your favourite holiday?

— As for me, I like St. Valentine’s Day most of all. It is the day of love.

— What do you do on this day?

— This day you should spend with people you love. I spend it with my boy friend. We exchange small presents, go for a walk or organize a romantic supper.

— What about your friends?

— I send them Valentine cards

— And your family?

— I say to every member of my family my wishes and thank them for their support and love. Do you like this holiday as well?

— I think, people invented this holiday just to forget about gloomy February weather.

— But it is the most important holiday for many people!

— Especially for those, who are in love. Do we really need a special day to tell someone we love about our feelings?