Two school students are talking / Двое школьников разговаривают

Michael: Where would you like to study, Tom?

Tom: I haven’t decided yet. Where would you like to study?

Michael: If I had a chance, I would go to Britain. I heard there are some old universities there; they are well-known in the whole world.

Tom: Do you remember their names?

Michael: Yes, Oxbridge.

Tom: Very funny. This is one university, and you told about several.

Michael: Tom, I’ve recently read it in the Science Book that Oxbridge is the name for two very old British universities: Oxford and Cambridge. They also have many colleges.

Tom: I’d like to visit this Oxbridge some time in future.

Michael: May be we could have a field trip to Cambridge and Oxford. We could go on our spring break.

Tom: Let’s ask Jason and Pete. If they agree, we’ll ask our tutor to take us there

Michael: O.K. That’s a good idea.