Ukrainian Art / Украинское искусство

— Hi, Dima!

— Glad to see you, Pasha!

— Did you know, there will be a concert of a pop singer Irina Shynkaruk?

— Really! That’s one of my favourite singers!

— She has a single concert in Kiev!

— Yes, Ukrainian pop singers as well as many Ukrainian orchestras and choirs often appear on tours in Europe, Asia and the USA.

— That means that Ukrainian music art is popular not only in Ukraine.

— Ukrainian people have always been very talented.

— I know a lot of Ukrainian actors, who are well-known in the world.

— And painters, for example, Ilia Repin. His painting "The Zhaporozhian Cossacks write a letter to the Turkish Sultan" is very famous.

— Let’s hope, that Ukrainian art will be developed and popular for many years.

— I hope so. See you at the concert!

— See you later!