Ukrainian system of education / Украинская система образования

— Hello, Anya!

— Hello, Nick!

— Listen, Anya, can you help me to understand the system of education in Ukraine? You know, in England, where I live, it is quite different.

— Of course. I will help you! Well, there are two main levels of education: secondary and higher.

— That’s clear. At what age do children usually go to school?

— At the age of six or seven years. They have to study 11 —12 forms.

— And then they may enter higher educational institutions.

— Exactly! But they also may enter technical schools or colleges of different types after the 9th form.

— And how long do students have to study at the university?

— Usually, they study five years.

— In England, when students receive their diploma, they may study further.

— In Ukraine, post-graduate education and scientific research work are not very popular now among young people. But in some fields of science there are outstanding research papers and discoveries.

— Thank you very much for your help.

— You are welcome.